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i called you last night in the hotel, everyone knows but they won't tell...

  1. Went to Kim's pool/hot tub party. Had a great time and saw people I haven't seen in so long <3
  2. Finished my 30-day challenge...and thinking about restarting the 365 project.
  3. I have four mosquito bites from going to Kim's party :(
  4. Dyed my hair black and got a trim.
  5. There's only three weeks left of summer! Oh no!
  6. Spent $13 to watch Charlie St. Cloud. Since when the hell did they raise the price from $12.50?

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i hate boys, but the boys love me...i think they suck, and my friends agree


I hate being away from the Internet for more than a day...cause whenever I think about updating with a new entry, I forget wtf I was going to talk about on the day I'm going to update. Like right now. I seriously don't even remember what I was going to say. Um, so's a meme instead:

- Leave a comment if you want to be asked questions.
- Update your journal with the answers to your questions. (Or just answer them here, IDC.)

Asked by saint:

1. how many people have you dated?
- Two.

2. what is your favorite color?
- I don't have favorites of anything because I like so many things. But I wear a lot of heather grey and navy blue. So those two, I guess?

3. can you see yourself ever living somewhere else besides nyc?
- I can'

4. how many bikinis do you have?
-I think the last time I checked, I had 24.

5. what is one thing you couldn't live without?
-The internet...sad, I know.
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i'll be your strength, i'll give you hope...keeping your faith when it's gone

I'm completely ignoring anything relating to Math today. I'm taking a much needed break from it all. Since starting the class this June and up to last week, I have been failing miserably. I have never passed a quiz or an exam in this class...but I've managed to do well on all homework assignments. After begging and pleading with the instructor (not professor, because she's a grad student) for extra credit assignments and spending most of my afternoons and nights with 3-4 tutors, I managed to bring my average up by 10 points! I've even skipped meals and sleep and lost tons of fat on my face because I really want to pass this class. I found out that most of the people in my class are retaking the course because they failed it the first time. That makes me nervous as all hell. My Math final is in six days...and after that, I'll be free until late August when I start classes again.

Also, I think I might have to change my major...yet again, because if I'm not doing well in just one class (College Algebra), I don't know how I'll survive with any more Math classes combined with other classes. Right now, my major is Marketing...and I think there's a major called Arts Administration with two departments that focuses on either Visual Arts or Theatre. I'll be going for the Visual Arts one. If I do change my major, I'll only have to take a Math class up to Pre-Calculus. If I don't change my major, I'll be taking like seven other Math classes and I really do not want to do that to myself.

Last time, I tried to do a 365 photo challenge but I gave up after the first few days I think because I lost motivation to take photos. I might start it up again, but I'm not sure about 365 just yet. Instead, I started a 30-day photo challenge from Tumblr. So, I'll be doing that first:


That's all for now. Until next time.
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i don't understand why you're leaving me...please don't, don't leave me here...

Something's seriously wrong with my immune system. I keep getting really horrible stomachaches. The pain comes and goes...but when it comes, it's so painful that I can't even speak or sit/stand up straight. I'm so scared to eat anything now. So far, I've only had cherries and a fried egg. I was even going to update Thursday night...but after getting sick, I didn't even bother.

On Friday, there was this event/challenge thing going on at Madison Square Park for NY baseball fans. The best dressed team-themed people for each of the NY baseball teams won tickets to a game behind home plate for this summer. The winner for the Mets team was some old guy decked out in NY Mets tattoos with 4 teeth. LOL, and the winner for the NY Yankees team was some guy that looked like a homeless person, cause he sure as hell smelled like one wearing basically toilet paper...or something like that. The guest judges were Joba Chamberlain (squee!) and Mike Pelfrey...pitchers from both the Mets and Yankees teams. Derek Jeter was there...for some reason, who btw looked bloated and hungover.

I was so starstuck when I saw Joba, that my hand kept shaking. I would suck as a paparazzo. I did manage to take 41 pictures of him though, but deleted almost all of them cause they were just repeats...since I was just standing there snapping non-stop, seriously. He looked at me so many times, and I think I creamed myself. I couldn't get to touch/feel him cause his bodyguards wouldn't allow that...which was kinda funny since the guards were half the size of him. Some lady security guard even grabbed my wrist, pushed me and told me to get out of the way... jeez.

Afterwards, I went to go see Toy Story 3 in 3D. It was so so soooo good. But only one hour and 40 minutes long! The hell, dude?

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i can teach you how to speak my language, rosetta stone...

I had my last final on Wednesday...and I'm looking forward to what I get as a final grade cause I bullshitted so much on that exam that at one point in my essay, I wrote about love and that nothing else mattered...even though that wasn't even the theme. LMFAO yeah. Um, so I have to take a class this summer,'s a long story, yeah...I just have to. And it's College Algebra...four days a week from June 2nd to July 8th.

I am in such a good mood right don't even knowww. YOU. DON'T. EVEN. KNOW. I made a status on FB saying that I'd love to go to the beach cause on that day it was 90 degrees and I really wanted to be near the water. I didn't think people would actually want to go with me especially since it's the holiday weekend and I assumed they all had plans to go to family get togethers and shit. But Elisa and Cynthia mentioned that they wanted to go and that I should let them know if I was really planning to. I ask Nicole and she agreed to I messaged both E & C that I'm thinking about early morning on Monday. C has yet to get back to me cause she wants to ask her boyfriend fiance to come along, too...and I know her sister wanted to come. E asked her roomie, JP...and he's coming, too with his girlfriend. I've never been to the beach with more than two I'm really, really looking forward to it on Monday with the gang :)

I already packed up my beach bag with all the essentials, lol...and it's not even the weekend yet.

Also, Mark LaRush is spinning at the rooftop bar/lounge on Sunday at the Dream Hotel from 4 and 8pm. I asked Nicole if she would go but she has to attend a graduation party, so I asked Robyn and she said she'd go! YAY <3
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they will not force us, and they will stop degrading us...

School's over for this semester, well at least that's what I thought. Until my professor emailed me last night and said that we're going to have a mandatory class on Monday for whatever reason and another snow day that we have to make up on Wednesday. WTF. So, school isn't over yet...? Ugh, anyway...I'll be done with my last final on the 26th. Whew!

Last Friday, I went out with my friends to Caliente Cab. The food that Nicole and I ordered for ourselves was nasty. At least for me. And the drinks weren't all that either. I did have a fabulous time though. Nicole has more pictures and more reads on her blog. I don't feel like writing about that night.

I apologize for looking stiff/uncomfortable in the photo to the right. JP took the photos of us with his camera that he finally decided to bring out. Same one as Nicole's!

I'm really freaking out about tomorrow. It's my first Yankee game since the Chuck Knoblauch days! Robyn's coming with me and we're going to be sitting right behind the bullpen -- so I'll be able to see Joba <3

Not that I give a shit...I mean, I guess I do care a little...but my sister is graduating today with her Masters in Accounting @ USC. Okay, enough about her.

I was supposed to have lunch with my dad this afternoon...but I guess he's too hungover to even meet me? Whatever. I'll just starve.
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pick a verse, any verse...i hypnotise you with my rhymes

Time for an update! I have one more presentation left (May 10th). I'm ready for this one cause it's only 5 minutes long and I speak about an author we'll be reading about during class. It took me less than 30 minutes to memorize his biography. I have more than enough time to practice and add/delete info to the presentation. Originally, I thought I'd be having my finals in two weeks...but it looks like I'll be having it the last two weeks of May. I guess it works out well since I'll be "having fun" for the last time before the big days.

Looking forward to:
  1. Photoshoot with David.
  2. Dinner @ Caliente Cab in the West Village with Nicole, Kim, JP and possibly Robyn.
  3. Dog sitting and Yankee game with Robyn <3!
I don't even know when the last day of classes are for me. We have to make up a day (bs!) for having a snow day this year. It so happens to be my least favorite class...not that I have favorite classes. But ugh, World Lit and Ethnic Lit? Gag me!

I really want an INSTAX camera. Like so bad :'(

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you know that i love you like mexico, rejoice

I'm SO happy. The weather is beautiful...but I'm going to stay in today cause I spent too much money on transportation this week. And it's finally Friday, and I got an A in my group presentation for my World Lit. I could've sworn I'd get something below a B because I stuttered and I basically had no idea WTF I was talking about. I don't have to wear my heavy coats anymore...spring break is in a week. Which reminds me, Nicole and I are finally going to Marquee on the 29th. I get home when it's still light out. There's only a month and a half left with this semester. I got TAP money - it's like financial aid. I want to get myself a bikini, but I don't think I should spend it on material stuff :/

Yesterday, my recitation class was cancelled and I had like two hours to kill. So, I decided to go to Abercrombie and spritz on the men's cologne, FIERCE. I love that scent -- it's my favorite. I tried on some stuff, but as usual didn't end up getting anything because they were too small and/or too expensive. And I saw a girl that I went to high school with. We didn't talk much then, but we just caught up on stuff.

I have one more midterm left...which is for my Ethnic Lit, and it's so frustrating cause I have no idea wtf it's on. She keeps changing the damn rules.
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when the sun shine, we'll shine together...told you i'll be here forever

Two down, two more to go. Group presentations, that is. And thankfully, they're all after Spring Break. I did my World Lit presentation today and whoaaa, I stuttered like crazy. I wasn't nervous because I knew what I was going to talk about since I read over the stuff that was needed in Sparknotes and Cliffnotes like a billion times. But because of the damn Greek names that I had to keep on just screwed me up big time. I forgot to ask the professor what I got. I guess I can email her. Oh, and omg. Our midterm is going to be open book! She said we can bring our notes into class and write the essay there. So basically, alls I gotta do is write a rough draft, then write a final one in class. My group presentation for one of my Psych classes got an A-. Basically, we did better than the group before us...and I'm hoping everyone else sucks.

From now on, I'm going to cut my History of Psych lecture class. He will have no clue since there's like 400 people there. I'm just going to sign in and leave. I've seen people do it before. My recitation professor...who is my History of Psych professor's teacher's assistant told us that he's not teaching us anything so we're just basically wasting time going. Seriously, the dude jokes around 90% of the time and everyone sleeps in his class. EVERYONE.

Two more weeks, and then spring break! I'm so excited...not that I'm going anywhere. But I just need a goddamn break. And I probably will have to force myself to study for the Simnet test.

Last weekend, I went out with the usual suspects to New Ashiya, where they served unlimited sushi and sake/beer all night. Robyn paid for my dinner...I don't know why?! That girl is too generous sometimes. But we all did six sake bombs...and I got so drunk that I don't even remember like 99% of the photos that were taken that night.
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