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when the sun shine, we'll shine together...told you i'll be here forever

Two down, two more to go. Group presentations, that is. And thankfully, they're all after Spring Break. I did my World Lit presentation today and whoaaa, I stuttered like crazy. I wasn't nervous because I knew what I was going to talk about since I read over the stuff that was needed in Sparknotes and Cliffnotes like a billion times. But because of the damn Greek names that I had to keep on just screwed me up big time. I forgot to ask the professor what I got. I guess I can email her. Oh, and omg. Our midterm is going to be open book! She said we can bring our notes into class and write the essay there. So basically, alls I gotta do is write a rough draft, then write a final one in class. My group presentation for one of my Psych classes got an A-. Basically, we did better than the group before us...and I'm hoping everyone else sucks.

From now on, I'm going to cut my History of Psych lecture class. He will have no clue since there's like 400 people there. I'm just going to sign in and leave. I've seen people do it before. My recitation professor...who is my History of Psych professor's teacher's assistant told us that he's not teaching us anything so we're just basically wasting time going. Seriously, the dude jokes around 90% of the time and everyone sleeps in his class. EVERYONE.

Two more weeks, and then spring break! I'm so excited...not that I'm going anywhere. But I just need a goddamn break. And I probably will have to force myself to study for the Simnet test.

Last weekend, I went out with the usual suspects to New Ashiya, where they served unlimited sushi and sake/beer all night. Robyn paid for my dinner...I don't know why?! That girl is too generous sometimes. But we all did six sake bombs...and I got so drunk that I don't even remember like 99% of the photos that were taken that night.

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