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pick a verse, any verse...i hypnotise you with my rhymes

Time for an update! I have one more presentation left (May 10th). I'm ready for this one cause it's only 5 minutes long and I speak about an author we'll be reading about during class. It took me less than 30 minutes to memorize his biography. I have more than enough time to practice and add/delete info to the presentation. Originally, I thought I'd be having my finals in two weeks...but it looks like I'll be having it the last two weeks of May. I guess it works out well since I'll be "having fun" for the last time before the big days.

Looking forward to:
  1. Photoshoot with David.
  2. Dinner @ Caliente Cab in the West Village with Nicole, Kim, JP and possibly Robyn.
  3. Dog sitting and Yankee game with Robyn <3!
I don't even know when the last day of classes are for me. We have to make up a day (bs!) for having a snow day this year. It so happens to be my least favorite class...not that I have favorite classes. But ugh, World Lit and Ethnic Lit? Gag me!

I really want an INSTAX camera. Like so bad :'(


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