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they will not force us, and they will stop degrading us...

School's over for this semester, well at least that's what I thought. Until my professor emailed me last night and said that we're going to have a mandatory class on Monday for whatever reason and another snow day that we have to make up on Wednesday. WTF. So, school isn't over yet...? Ugh, anyway...I'll be done with my last final on the 26th. Whew!

Last Friday, I went out with my friends to Caliente Cab. The food that Nicole and I ordered for ourselves was nasty. At least for me. And the drinks weren't all that either. I did have a fabulous time though. Nicole has more pictures and more reads on her blog. I don't feel like writing about that night.

I apologize for looking stiff/uncomfortable in the photo to the right. JP took the photos of us with his camera that he finally decided to bring out. Same one as Nicole's!

I'm really freaking out about tomorrow. It's my first Yankee game since the Chuck Knoblauch days! Robyn's coming with me and we're going to be sitting right behind the bullpen -- so I'll be able to see Joba <3

Not that I give a shit...I mean, I guess I do care a little...but my sister is graduating today with her Masters in Accounting @ USC. Okay, enough about her.

I was supposed to have lunch with my dad this afternoon...but I guess he's too hungover to even meet me? Whatever. I'll just starve.

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