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i can teach you how to speak my language, rosetta stone...

I had my last final on Wednesday...and I'm looking forward to what I get as a final grade cause I bullshitted so much on that exam that at one point in my essay, I wrote about love and that nothing else mattered...even though that wasn't even the theme. LMFAO yeah. Um, so I have to take a class this summer,'s a long story, yeah...I just have to. And it's College Algebra...four days a week from June 2nd to July 8th.

I am in such a good mood right don't even knowww. YOU. DON'T. EVEN. KNOW. I made a status on FB saying that I'd love to go to the beach cause on that day it was 90 degrees and I really wanted to be near the water. I didn't think people would actually want to go with me especially since it's the holiday weekend and I assumed they all had plans to go to family get togethers and shit. But Elisa and Cynthia mentioned that they wanted to go and that I should let them know if I was really planning to. I ask Nicole and she agreed to I messaged both E & C that I'm thinking about early morning on Monday. C has yet to get back to me cause she wants to ask her boyfriend fiance to come along, too...and I know her sister wanted to come. E asked her roomie, JP...and he's coming, too with his girlfriend. I've never been to the beach with more than two I'm really, really looking forward to it on Monday with the gang :)

I already packed up my beach bag with all the essentials, lol...and it's not even the weekend yet.

Also, Mark LaRush is spinning at the rooftop bar/lounge on Sunday at the Dream Hotel from 4 and 8pm. I asked Nicole if she would go but she has to attend a graduation party, so I asked Robyn and she said she'd go! YAY <3

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