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i don't understand why you're leaving me...please don't, don't leave me here...

Something's seriously wrong with my immune system. I keep getting really horrible stomachaches. The pain comes and goes...but when it comes, it's so painful that I can't even speak or sit/stand up straight. I'm so scared to eat anything now. So far, I've only had cherries and a fried egg. I was even going to update Thursday night...but after getting sick, I didn't even bother.

On Friday, there was this event/challenge thing going on at Madison Square Park for NY baseball fans. The best dressed team-themed people for each of the NY baseball teams won tickets to a game behind home plate for this summer. The winner for the Mets team was some old guy decked out in NY Mets tattoos with 4 teeth. LOL, and the winner for the NY Yankees team was some guy that looked like a homeless person, cause he sure as hell smelled like one wearing basically toilet paper...or something like that. The guest judges were Joba Chamberlain (squee!) and Mike Pelfrey...pitchers from both the Mets and Yankees teams. Derek Jeter was there...for some reason, who btw looked bloated and hungover.

I was so starstuck when I saw Joba, that my hand kept shaking. I would suck as a paparazzo. I did manage to take 41 pictures of him though, but deleted almost all of them cause they were just repeats...since I was just standing there snapping non-stop, seriously. He looked at me so many times, and I think I creamed myself. I couldn't get to touch/feel him cause his bodyguards wouldn't allow that...which was kinda funny since the guards were half the size of him. Some lady security guard even grabbed my wrist, pushed me and told me to get out of the way... jeez.

Afterwards, I went to go see Toy Story 3 in 3D. It was so so soooo good. But only one hour and 40 minutes long! The hell, dude?


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