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i'll be your strength, i'll give you hope...keeping your faith when it's gone

I'm completely ignoring anything relating to Math today. I'm taking a much needed break from it all. Since starting the class this June and up to last week, I have been failing miserably. I have never passed a quiz or an exam in this class...but I've managed to do well on all homework assignments. After begging and pleading with the instructor (not professor, because she's a grad student) for extra credit assignments and spending most of my afternoons and nights with 3-4 tutors, I managed to bring my average up by 10 points! I've even skipped meals and sleep and lost tons of fat on my face because I really want to pass this class. I found out that most of the people in my class are retaking the course because they failed it the first time. That makes me nervous as all hell. My Math final is in six days...and after that, I'll be free until late August when I start classes again.

Also, I think I might have to change my major...yet again, because if I'm not doing well in just one class (College Algebra), I don't know how I'll survive with any more Math classes combined with other classes. Right now, my major is Marketing...and I think there's a major called Arts Administration with two departments that focuses on either Visual Arts or Theatre. I'll be going for the Visual Arts one. If I do change my major, I'll only have to take a Math class up to Pre-Calculus. If I don't change my major, I'll be taking like seven other Math classes and I really do not want to do that to myself.

Last time, I tried to do a 365 photo challenge but I gave up after the first few days I think because I lost motivation to take photos. I might start it up again, but I'm not sure about 365 just yet. Instead, I started a 30-day photo challenge from Tumblr. So, I'll be doing that first:


That's all for now. Until next time.

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