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she shakin' it for daddy, she shakin' it for me...

I have so much schoolwork to do that I just want to drop everything and cry. But, I seriously have no time...and I really should be finishing up my Math homework now but I wanted to let you guys in on an update.

Things to not look forward to (in the near future):

  1. Prepare for group presentation(s). I have one this Thursday and I'm freaking the hell out.
  2. Study for quizzes.
  3. Get ready for midterm papers.
  4. Papers.
  5. Weekly on-line Math homework and quizzes. I'm not doing so well in this average is like a 62%.
  6. Turn 25. Eek!
Things to look forward to (in the near future):
  1. Celebrating March birthdays this Saturday at an all you can eat/drink sushi place for $42. A bit pricey but it's totally going to be worth it because some of my favorite people are going to attend.
  2. Marquee with Nicole. She got invited by her DJ friend...and since we've always wanted to go, now's the perfect chance!
  3. Spring break.

~ sorry, no pictures! i will have lots next week ;]
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i don't know what this is but you got me good, like i knew you would...

I got tagged by: bandeau 

● List 7 habits/quirks/facts
● Tag 7 people to do the same
● Don't tag the person who tagged you, or tag "Whoever wants to do it"
  1. I have about two and a half more years of schooling left and will be officially done after that! Whew!
  2. I have the worst memory when it comes to remembering people's names but will remember the most useless info about that person. Like the tacky lacy top they were wearing or something.
  3. I'm very anal when it comes to saving people's numbers into my phone. I have to know almost every bit of info about them, including their last names, birth dates, company names, job titles, work or home addresses, email addresses and at least two phone numbers. I just really like how it looks on my phone.
  4. My guilty pleasures are Hannah Montana and all the reality TV shows on VH1.
  5. I like having/owning bright colored things, whether it'd be clothing or electronics or whatever.
  6. I love wearing heels but can't walk in them to save my life.
  7. I have an alter ego and her name is Jennifer Fingers.
I tag: ballroom , breseis_87 , dingastar , easygirls , fleurhaus , hug and vindicta .
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if i were a boy, i think i could it feels to love a girl

I seriously cannot remember the last time I was this sick. I caught the flu yesterday and spent the night crying myself to sleep. And on top of that, I have my period. I haven't eaten since Tuesday night. My body hurts soooo much. I had to skip my classes today and Nicole took care of Graham and Tula for me. (Thanks, again!) And it sucks that I couldn't even do well on my Math quiz (that is taken on-line) because my head just feels like it weighs 300lbs and I really couldn't sit there and use my brain to try and figure out how to solve Math problems that I probably won't even need later on. I think I got like a 56%. I also failed my first Psych quiz for not showing up to class. YAY, this semester is just starting off so great for me.

For the past week, I've been walking Graham between my 25-minute class breaks. Luckily, he lives like 3 blocks away from school...but it still sucks cause I'm rushing around without having food in me. I also have to play and feed Tula before 6pm everyday until the 12th. (BTW, she came out to let me pet her the other day! I was so happy that I had to snap a few pictures.)

I feel like the odd one out in most of my classes cause I just feel like I'm in grade 7 compared to the rest of my classmates. I just feel really stupid and feel as if I do not belong. I just can't wait until this semester is over. I really, really hate school. There are some cute guys in all my classes. And one of them is in my group for one of my English classes! Eep!

OH, OMG. I can't believe I have over 100 members in my icon community. I think part of the reason I have so many is because Amnooh promoted it in her community. (Really, thank you so much!) I'm so overwhelmed and still haven't decided what kind of fun activities that I want to post up...and I was going to this weekend, but I highly doubt that is going to happen...because of me being sick and all. :\
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i can't just let you run up on me like that (all on me like that)...i see you aiming at my pedestal

Amnooh! You seriously made my night! My lovely friend, aka breseis_87...made this awesome banner for me. I love you sfm. Yay, thank youuuu! I'll be working on some more icons soon, and hopefully make the community more exciting.


Didn't do much today:

- Went to the supermarket for the last time for this week.
- Bought some nail polish: Brights Power / A Grape Fit! / Mesmerize. I have to go back again to get my sister MINT APPLE tomorrow...cause they were sold out today.
- Carefully tried on this awesome bangle I got for my sister's birthday, before wrapping it up again. So that I can buy one or two for myself one day.
- Watched some movies...and yeah.
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i like my men like my cars, strong and built like horses...

I just removed a whole bunch of people on my friends' list. So could the people I deleted please remove me from their lists? Here are the possible reasons of the deletion:

# you never ever update.
# you update too often.
# you've never heard of an lj-cut.
# i don't want to see your tweets, especially every 10 minutes.
# and over the years, i feel like we just lost 'connection'.

I also started my own icon community. It was given to me by Belle, (elba)...thank you so much! The layout is really plain cause I'm still very new at this and I haven't figured out how to use S2 style. It took me like four hours to get it to look like a layout. Right now, I have no icons yet, but from now will be posted there.

In other news, I got a package full of Japanese goodies, ramen, bloomers and a trendy magazine from my sweet, sweet friend, Tomoyo.

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i get money, i get paper...i get girls...all different flavors

I'm too lazy to update with a summary of my week.

Gifts I far:

- $15 iTunes giftcard
- ASOS grey boots
- A&F dress
- 2 Yankees tickets for April May
- All in one printer
- headwrap that my dad's new wife knitted for me
- Ca$h
- body lotion
- candy canes :P

* In 2010, I will:

- Take driving lessons and get a license.
- Befriend a personal trainer...or get a job and join the gym again.
- Start my own icon community.

My body is so tired and I have a million blisters.

I ♥ this city sfm.
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who am i living for? is this my limit? can i endure some more?

I spent so much money on Dominos today. I didn't eat everything but I still feel like shit and I hate myself for it. I think my mom ate most of it. Ugh, I regretted it when I clicked 'PURCHASE'. Nothing I can do now. I'm not going to spend money on food anymore...or at least for a long ass time.

Nicole's client, Justine asked me to dogsit Jorda for Christmas Eve through Christmas night. I never celebrate any holiday, so I told her I would be glad to. She said she'd leave cookies for me and Santa, I thought that was so adorable! I even booked a ticket to go to the Top of the Rock between 7:40 and 8:10pm. I'm going to dress warm as hell because I plan to stay up there for like an hour. I checked the weather for that night and it said it will be in the low 30s...which isn't that bad if it's not windy.

Since the last time I updated about my spring semester schedule being all kinds of shitty...I made some changes on it. This guy at the Psych department got me into a full class that I needed. And even though I have this huge 5-hour break on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I'm hoping to get work in school. I still have to take two electives of them is Psychology, so I don't mind. But the other one is English, ugh. I hate English!

What are everyone's plans for the holidays?
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i don't know what to do, but you do me well...i'm under your spell

Last night, I met up with Chris and Nicole to go see Brothers. I was so excited about the movie that when I actually saw it, I was a little disappointed. I felt like a huge part was lacking...and Tobey scared the living wits out of me.

I few days ago, my CK shoes came...and I'm really happy about the purchase. I gave all my other heels that I don't wear to the Salvation Army. So, now I only have 4 pairs of mostly wedges and the ones I just got. I had to get a shoe stretcher cause they are so damn stiff. :o\

I can wear these bbs out next Thursday to SOHO GRAND. Nicole befriended a DJ that's spinning there and he invited us to come party with him. No cover charge and free drinks? YES PLZ. It's a cool story of how they met actually. She went to someone's party at this other lounge called CHINA 1 and took a picture of the DJ. She posted them on her FB, of her friends tagged the DJ as Mark LaRush...and that's when Nicole and LaRush started talking.

Exactly a week from now, Audrey Kawasaki is opening her first NYC show @ JONATHAN LEVINE GALLERY. I can't wait to go...Nicole's going to come with me. I think she'll be showing her work until January 9th 2010.

Tonight, Blake Lively's hosting SNL and Riri's performing. =D

Oh, and I forgot to mention. This is my 1000th entry! Whoa.
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just let it be...c'mon and bring your body next to me

New post @ fakedolls:

Whenever I bend my elbow, my scab rips. Eeesh! Other than that, I'm healing up pretty nicely/quickly. Yesterday, I made the trip to the city and walked Graham. Then I found the best 'everyday' flats ever @ Bloomie's for like $42. I also came upon these platform heels for just $98. I couldn't buy them cause I just can't go and spend money like that. Especially now. But I did anyways. I came home and ordered them from Zappos. I can't wait to wear them :D

I had way too much fun rolling these with Nicole.
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